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GT Councilwoman Andrea Stubbs Resigns amid claim of “unauthorized” use of her name and likeness on political ads. Gloucester Twp Patch got it wrong

                                                                                                        Wednesday April 26, 2023

After several months of missing of Gloucester Township council meetings, Councilwoman Andrea Stubbs announced her resignation in a letter sent to the township clerk, and read aloud by Council President Orlando Mercado at the very end of Monday night’s meeting.

During last year’s November school board election, a flyer was distributed, that had the names, faces, and titles of the then, current councilwomen Carolyn Grace, and Andrea Stubbs, that included support for some school board candidates, while making polarizing comments about others.

At the following council meeting, questions were asked by one of those candidates that had been labeled, and no replies were given by Mrs. Stubbs, then Council President Mercado shut down the dialog, along with councilman Hutchison.

With already meeting absences for illnesses reported by Mercado, the next few months would be unseen at meetings until the April 24th resignation letter, in which specifically Mrs. Stubbs stated that, and I quote,

“It is with sadness that I submit my resignation. I also regret being maligned by the falsehood of being the author/authorizing a letter regarding school board elections. I would never participate in any potentially polarizing activity.”

We feel very strongly that comments in the resignation letter was intended for the Democratic PAC, and those in the Democratic political circles that distributed that school board political material. We ask that the truth come out.

A copy of that political flyer may be seen online at:

The GTGOP very much appreciates the years of service that Mrs. Stubbs served both as our children’s school Principal, and her service as a GT Councilwoman. We wish her the very best of luck in all of her future endeavors.

                                                   Ray Polidoro


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