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Campaign Season Is in Full Swing

Back in December 2021, we set out to change the Republican Party in Gloucester Township. The 1st goal was to branch out into the community and find out what we could do to help. The 2nd goal was to create a welcoming environment for the community to come together in a laid-back atmosphere. The third goal was to expand our committee by bringing in new people, new voices, and new ideas. The final goal was to come back in 2023 with all that we’ve learned and launch a new campaign to clean up the problems in Gloucester Township.

The Gloucester Township Republican Club was formed to accomplish all of the goals we just mentioned. Throughout 2022 we held monthly gatherings at venues around Gloucester Township. We met new people who we turned into committee members and then even turned some of those members into your 2023 candidates.

The “Your Town, Your Team” motto was born to combat the political machine that has been running Gloucester Township and the surrounding towns. We are simply people who want to take back control of our town. Over the last few years, we’ve seen GT’s Board Of Education go from politically backed members to residents who care about our schools. If we take that same sense of community and put that same effort into this year’s election we will have accomplished something that hasn’t happened for a very long time. We will have control of our township again.

Who’s Running in 2023?

For Gloucester Township, we have a few familiar faces. Joe Damico, Joe Allen, Ray Henry & Tim Pfeffer are your 2023 Council candidates. Tim Pfeffer and Joe Allen are new to the Republican Committee this year. They are both products of the successful push we made to expand the committee by hosting Republican Club events to meet new people. The team has some great ideas and some exciting fundraisers in the works. Be sure to check out their website to learn more and join them at a fundraiser.

On a state level, we have 2 GT residents running. Chris Del Borrello is a GT resident running for State Senate. Amanda Esposito is also a GT resident running for State Asembly. Matt Walker from Buena is running for Assembly with Amanda. More on them at

Currently, both groups of candidates have been hitting the pavement and knocking on doors. This week alone they’ve hit hundreds of homes. GT is huge so if you have free time to help out I’m sure they would greatly appreciate some more boots on the ground.

While we are on the topic of elections, let’s go over when to vote.

Mail-in voting starts September 23rd. More info here:

Early voting is available up to 10 days before Election Day. More info at

In Person, Voting is on November 7th this year. To find out where to vote click here:

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