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Camden County GOP Calls Out Gloucester Township Government for Lack of Honesty and Transparency

Democrats once again hide the truth hoping no one notices

HADDON HEIGHTS – Camden County Republican Chairman Tom Crone called on the Gloucester Township Democrats to give a full explanation regarding the murky resignation of now former Councilwoman Tracy Trotto.

At issue is, last month during the regular September 26th council meeting a member of the public asked a question via email regarding the housing situation of then Gloucester Township Councilwoman Tracy Trotto. The resident asked why Mrs. Trotto wads still on council after selling her Gloucester Township home and being deeded a new home in another county. According to public records, Mrs. Trotto listed her Gloucester Township home for sale on June 6, 2022, with Kevin Piccolo who is also the GT Democratic Municipal Chair. The property in question closed on July 25, 2022, but was hidden from the public until September 26, 2022, when questioned publicly.

“The Democrats, from the local level up to the gubernatorial and presidential levels, continue this game of lies and prevarications on every issue from the residency of a fellow Democrat to the health of the President,” CCGOP Chairman Tom Crone said. “We deserve to know the truth regarding this councilmember’s actions. As a Gloucester Township resident and taxpayer, I am concerned about the integrity of the votes cast by this person knowing she was no longer a homeowner in our town.”

Crone added, “Here in Camden County, we pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation and when we have elected officials casting the deciding vote to raise taxes higher while on their way to a lower taxed county, which is inexcusable. The public deserves to know the truth and hold the majority party accountable for their actions.”

“Why did the political cartel hide the fact that a sitting councilwoman was moving out of town?”  asked Crone. “Why did Democrats wait until it was too late to have a special election to fill the vacancy? These are significant questions that need to be answered publicly. Transparency be damned. The people burdened by former Councilwoman Totto’s deciding vote to raise taxes deserve an answer. This is politics as usual, and it needs to stop.”

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1 thought on “Camden County GOP Calls Out Gloucester Township Government for Lack of Honesty and Transparency”

  1. Totally Agree. Also have questions regarding GT zoning board !!! How well does each member know personally Petrongolo families???!!!

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